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I have worked all over Wiltshire, both designing and helping to maintain some wonderfully diverse gardens and natural spaces, always with the approach of working with nature as much as possible to help support wildlife. I like to work with what is already present and really listen to the land and feel what will work in a particular space.

Over the years I have gained experience working in a variety of different types of garden, some small and urban, some formal, kitchen gardens, growing vegetables, herbs and flowers, and of course my favourite kind…wildlife havens. Always keeping in my mind the fact that nature was here before we came along and it will hopefully be here after we are gone in a better and more diverse state than we found it.



Providing Garden Design and Maintenance in Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset since 2003.

Helping to re-imagine and restore existing gardens, create new ones and encourage through education and sharing of knowledge, engagement in the joy of gardening for those who wish to become more immersed in their own outdoor spaces.

Creating beautiful spaces


I started out in spring of 2004 as Istare Gardening after having completed my Permaculture Design Course with Patrick Whitefield in the Forest of Dean.

At the time I was helping to run a community Permaculture Garden Project at Pertwood Organic Farm in Wiltshire, which provided an amazing location for groups of all ages to come and spend time connecting with nature and learning the concepts of Permaculture, as not only an approach to Land management but also as a way of life.

I believe it is possible to create beautiful places anywhere which can support both human and wildlife alike and now more than ever there is a need to learn to nurture this mutually supportive relationship through direct connection.



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Whether it's transforming a small urban space of land or great rolling countrysides, we love designing spaces that bring the wilderness to your home.